My name is Tracey and I am an example of the benefits that Pilates brings into your life.

I first discovered Pilates 20 years ago having developed lower back issues post pregnancy. Having had 4 C sections, I had little to no stomach muscles and very little knowledge of how to correct my bad posture. Juggling a young family and work commitments and daily stress in a structured exercise programme was not on my radar.

A friend introduced me to The Scott Studio, where I later trained. I started with weekly lessons focusing on strengthening my core, developing muscle balance and using my breath to coordinate my movements. Within 6 weeks I noticed a huge difference and gradually my lower back pain disappeared and I had the unexpected edition of a whole new energy into my life.

I have continued my lessons and have been teaching mat-work Pilates in the UK, Italy and turkey since qualifying with Suzanne Scott. I have been a member of the Pilates Foundation since 2008.

I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from Pilates. Whatever your age, gender, fitness level or experience. It can prevent and rehabilitate injury, address and strengthen your muscle balance, increase lung capacity, sculpt your physic and it will invigorate your body and enrich your mind.

I am continually improving myself with ongoing workshops in Pilates and interdisciplinary interests.



Pilates classes are taught in small groups, in a non-competitive environment.   Emphasis is placed on spinal and pelvic alignment, precision and flow of movement with the breath.  Readdressing muscle balance, increasing elasticity and joint flexibility and building on your core and peripheral body strength rather than just muscle mass.

Pilates is a non- impact sport and therefore suitable for all ages, genders and abilities.  Whether you are in peak fitness, rehabilitating from an injury, or just looking for an enjoyable and holistic form of exercise, Pilates will put protection into your body and, over a short period of time, will generate a better awareness of your range and planes of movement

It is not merely a collection of exercises but a robust method of movement that has been developed and refined through more than 80 years of use and observation.

Pilates is a fusion of the mind and body. Pilates Fresh classes are 1 hour and all small equipment and mats are provided.