"Tracey's professionalism inspired my Field Gunners to train holistically. Her empathy and instruction reinforced core strength and avoided injuries. We were a better team with Tracey's support."

Bruce Foster Head Coach.

"I have never been a huge fan of exercise although had wanted to try Pilates for years. After attending just one of Tracey's classes I was hooked! She instantly puts you at your ease and teaches in a relaxed friendly manner. The exercises were varied and challenging, focusing on flexibility and core strength. Tracey is very skilled at establishing the different abilities of her class and at refining her plan, if a particular exercise proves too easy or too difficult. She has an excellent knowledge of physiology and can advise if an exercise should not be attempted due to an injury or weakness - she will always offer a suitable alternative.

The focus throughout is on good posture and breathing correctly and the elements of yoga which Tracey includes left me feeling very calm at the end of the class. In addition, I did not suffer with an aching body the next day although I could feel that my muscles had been worked hard. It was very noticeable when I went on a skiing holiday that my legs and core were stronger than they had been for years.

I had no idea that exercise could be so enjoyable and was very disappointed that due to a house move I was no longer able to attend."

Clare Howard-Vyse

"Teaching me how to breath and with your kindness and positive vibes created an oasis of wellness in our group."

Isabelle Anfossi

"Pilates with Tracey is great!! she makes you feel good , positive. I really miss her lessons!"

Nadia de Caro

"I can whole-heartedly recommend Tracey's Pilates classes. From my first session Tracey knew how to get the best out of me and within a couple of weeks I noticed a big difference in my core strength and had a more positive attitude towards exercise and posture. Tracey's classes were fun and rewarding; she is an excellent teacher."

Catherine Andrews

I met Tracey during a NATO military tour in Naples, Italy.  She was selected, of many, to lead the first-ever Pilates training for the “mature” group assembled to represent our command at the Portsmouth Field Gun Competition.  I felt results after the first session with her.  It only took two sessions to realise the results on the field.  Core muscle strength is a must for ANYTHING.  This is especially true with regards to athletics. When competing with equipment that can cause serious injury if mishandled through physical weakness, core strength is crucial! Pilates prevents injury.

I immediately felt more alive, more in tune with my body and how I could better manoeuvre with the increased power and balance I had. If only I knew of Pilates in my younger days, what a fierce opponent I would have been on the football pitch!  I have been very grateful for Tracey’s brilliant instruction of Pilates.  Even though we are geographically seperated, I always begin my physical training with movements learned under her instruction.  I would not hesitate in the slightest to return to her Pilates class if I were able.  Her gentle nature is alluring and brings out the best in everyone.  We were amazed at what we could accomplish both in and out of her class.

Charles MaKinney USA


Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in Germany on the 9 December 1883. One of nine children he was small and sickly. He had Asthma, Rickets and Rheumatic Fever and was plagued by a weak respiratory system. The bigger children taunted him and so to improve his health and physical disadvantages, he studied martial arts, bodybuilding, yoga, fencing, gymnastics, boxing and anatomy.

By the age of 14 he had transformed his physique to matchhis ideal of a Greek god; balanced equally in body, mind and spirit.

Joe was in England touring as a circus performer and boxer when World War 1 broke out. He was held as a resident alien in an interment camp on the Isle of Man for the duration of the war. During this time, Joe continued to develop his exercise regime. When the 1918-1919 influenza epidemic took hold, those inmates who followed Joes regime remained healthy. This was brought to the attention of the camp leaders who gave Joe the job of hospital orderly to help care for the wounded soldiers. The men who were put in his charge were mostly bed ridden and had developed muscular atrophy, loss of aerobic capacity and a weakened immune system.

Joe developed exercises that used their bedframes with springs and pullies therebycreating the first piece of Pilates equipment: the Cadillac. This enabled the soldiers to exercise under Joe’s supervision.

Joe returned to Germany after the war, but in 1926 Emigrated to United States. On the voyage he met his future wife Clara. When they arrived in New York they rented a studio in the same building as the New York City Ballet on 8thAvenue. Joe began teaching his “Contrology. He made a huge impression in the dance world, where their repeated injuries responded impressively to Jo’s instruction anddream of introducing his mind-body fitness to every aspect of life was taking off.

Joe died October 9 1967 at the age of 84. His wife Clara continued to work until her death in 1977, and their students continued to spread the teachings.

Since his death Pilates has evolved into the huge and successful exercise regime that is practiced by millions of people.